NTS NAT 2024 III Apply Online

National Aptitude NTS Test NAT 2022-III results are to be announced. NTS NAT Test Schedule 2022 and Test Dates are available here. Many universities require NTS test results from applicants who wish to be admitted to that particular university. I want to remind you that the NTS scorecards are valid for one year. Marks for passing comprise 50 percent of the total Score.

NTS NAT 2024 III Apply Online:

National Testing Service is a well-known independent body that runs various types of exams, including admission tests, recruiting tests, and tests for scholarships all across Pakistan. NTS refers to the national testing service. This test is required to gain admission to universities across Pakistan.

NTS NAT 2024 III Apply Online

NTS NAT 2024 III Apply Online

Test Date:

The NTS test is a typical test to assess the skills of students. If you’re looking to gain acceptance into a university, you must apply for the NTS test, as it is the primary requirement for many institutions in Pakistan. NTS test takes place each month.

To ensure a smooth process, please note that the test is scheduled in advance every month. It is important to check your registration status well before the due date, as NTS will not consider any forms submitted after the deadline. In such cases, you may have to wait an additional month to retake the test. The upcoming test is scheduled to take place during the week of March 22, 2024.

About the Test:

NAT III is a well-known test to determine eligibility for master’s degree programs. It is a general test, i.e., the content of the test doesn’t depend on any specific area of study. Anyone with a bachelor’s degree (14 years of education) can take this test. NAT-III is generally required by professional institutions that award private or public degrees.

NAT III is of five kinds:

Arts, Biology, Mathematics, Physics, Islamic Studies

  • NA III A Candidates who have completed 14 years of study within Arts and Social Science
  • NAT II B for candidates with at least 14 years of study in Biological Sciences
  • NAT III M for candidates with at least 14 years of study in Mathematics
  • III P NAT for candidates with at least 14 years of study in Physical sciences
  • NAT III O for candidates with 14 years of study within Oriental or Islamic Studies

Register to Take NAT-III:

Each candidate for NAT-III must be registered for the test with NTS before the test date. Follow the guidelines provided by NTS. 

Total Questions:

A total of 100 questions are asked in NAT – III is 100. Of these, 60 provide the General part, while 40 contribute to the subject.

Test Pattern and Syllabus:

  • Every NAT-III comprises two significant components General Part: Quantitative Section – Word Problems, Analytical Section, Verbal Section.
  • Subject Part: General Knowledge, Islamiat, Pak Studies

NTS runs NAT in every major city in Pakistan. You will receive information about the test location on your roll number slip or admit card.

Test Result Date:

NTS announces your test results on its website on the day you’ve scheduled. The results are usually released before the start of the day. To avoid web traffic, you should go to www.nts.org.pk at night or in the early morning.

Validity of NAT III:

The NAT III results are valid for obtaining admission to an NTS-affiliated college or university for TWO YEARS. Candidates who are who is taking NAT III today can apply for access to any Masters’s degree at any of the affiliated colleges or universities within two years.

Role Number Slip / Admit Card:

To gain entry into the testing centre, admission cards are required. This implies that you need to possess your roll number slip or admit card well before your scheduled testing date. The NTS issues acceptance cards a few days prior to the exam date. If you haven’t received your admit card within two days of the test, it’s imperative that you inform NTS without delay.

Accepted Applicants List:

A list of applicants accepted of NAT III for a particular scheduled test is available on the planned trial date. It is essential to verify whether your name appears on this list. If you cannot find your name on the list, please get in touch with NTS immediately to inquire about the reason.

Rejected Applications:

If your name appears on this list of candidates rejected, There must be an error or an omission on your application form, which must be rectified before a specific date.


The process of making NAT-III comprises two kinds of strategies for preparation.

  1. Preparing General Section
  2. Preparing Subject Section

In the General section, you will need to master the vocabulary for the verbal section. In the Analytical area, you spend plenty of time doing practice questions. For the subject section, you need to review your subject matter.

Tips and Trick For Preparation:

The subject section is 40 percent of the test, so pay attention to it. Learn relevant information and practice a lot of questions.  To pass the Analytical section, you need to have plenty of exercises. If you don’t practice, no technique or trick will yield more effective results.

How to Score High:

To increase your chances of being admitted to an accredited college or university in Pakistan, it is recommended to aim for a score higher than the minimum requirement of 50 in the NAT test. In fact, a score of at least 70 is considered a more secure assurance of admission. However, achieving this score can be challenging, especially in the analytical section, which requires extensive practice to master. Additionally, having a strong vocabulary is crucial for succeeding in the verbal section and answering questions accurately. Read Balochistan University of Information Technology Admission 2024

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