NTS National Aptitude Test NAT 2024 II Apply Online Eligibility Criteria

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This article will describe the National Aptitude Test NAT test admissions and registration procedure. The test is critical for every student to be admitted into bachelor’s programs. It is a crucial test since if a student fails it, they are not eligible to be recognized. 

NTS National Aptitude Test NAT 2024 II:

To determine the merit of the applicant, certain criteria are integral to the admission and merit lists. Unfortunately, it cannot be determined whether the applicant meets these criteria. To check if you are eligible to take this test, it is advised that you carefully review the entire below article and ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria outlined in the post. If you are applying to degree-granting institutions (DAIs) through the official website, www.nts.org.pk, or to NTS NAT-associated universities, you will be recognized as qualified to take the NTS NAT. It is worth nothing that there are two types of students who may apply and be eligible for NAT.

  • Candidates who have completed 12 years of schooling are suitable for the NAT.
  • Candidates who have completed 14 years of study are also considered qualified to be a part of the NAT.

NTS National Aptitude Test NAT 2024 II Apply Online Eligibility Criteria

 NTS National Aptitude Test NAT 2024 II Apply Online Eligibility Criteria

The complete and official schedule details of the national aptitude test 2024 can be found here. The test is typically conducted and is officially handled by the NTS National Testing Service. The test is valid for one year. If you take the national aptitude test in 2024, the exam and test score are valid only until 2024. If this test score is at its expiration point, you will have to take it next time for this national aptitude test. Make sure you take advantage of the national aptitude test score immediately.

You must visit the website of the NTS or our website. On these website, you will find complete guidelines and directions for the test. More details on this test are given in the following paragraphs.

Important Dates of NTS NAT Test 2024:

The next phase of the national aptitude test will take place on February 12, 2024. The deadline to register for this test is January 30, 2024. From February 6, 2024, those who submitted their applications in this examination will be issued the roll number slips. Results will be announced on February 20, 2024.

Another part of the National aptitude test (NAT test) will commence on March 12, 2024. On March 6, 2024, you will receive your roll number slip, which will provide detail.

Preparation of NTS NAT test:

It is all a subjective test. Candidates need to prepare for the test by focusing on the format and pattern of common multiple-choice questions. Prepare only your subjects in English in addition to analytical and quantitative reasoning. There are diverse books that are connected to the NAT examination preparation.

The current version of the details regarding the timetable for the national aptitude test. These updates are provided by the testing agency NTS operating in Pakistan. Since this test score is valid for one year, it is recommended to take the score you get from the trial. If NTS announces any further schedule updates regarding this national aptitude test, We will communicate those changes to the applicants.

Make sure to take the test correctly and get the score on time. This is the latest calendar for the year 2024. It is possible to keep and use this schedule as the final one. More information about the national aptitude tests (NAT Test) is expected soon.

How to Apply for Test:

  • The first step is downloading the NAT registration form and the bank deposit slip, which can be downloaded from the NTS’s official website.
  • The cost of NAT is 700 PKR. It can be made payable at any branch online, including MCB, Meezan Bank, ABL, or HBL across Pakistan.
  • Download the application online and print it. Attach two passport-sized photos (1×1.5 inch) to it, and then complete the academic section. Please fill in the application cautiously, as the form cannot be altered or corrected.
  • The roll number slip of the NTS will be delivered by the postal service of Pakistan, which is why it is so important to enter the correct, complete postal address into the section for address.
  • The original bank deposit slip has to be included, and the application form must be downloaded and posted to NTS Islamabad. Then, you should ensure that applications are not accepted by hand delivery but should be sent via courier to NTS’s address. NTS is as follows: Manager Operations National Testing Service 96, Street No. 4, Sector H-8/1 Islamabad
  • Completely incorrectly filled applications are not accepted at NTS, as well as rejected without notice.

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